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A background in Pharmacology, Management Consultancy and Coaching. My core expertise lies in business development and market penetration for clients within Healthcare, Education and Inclusive Innovation. I have been advising and consulting on various health and education projects applying emerging technologies: VR AI and most recently Blockchain. I am founder of Beowulf Proof Work, Co-Founder of Beyond Identity (the Technology delivery arm for AI and Blockchain solutions), and BIBA, an innovative platform where everyone gets rewarded to contribute to the platform.

With experiences gleaned within the health and education industry; ranging from the NHS (National Health Service), Education, Consultancy and Pharmaceutical sectors; I have managed projects with budgets of up to £32M. Overall my strengths are in leadership, effective business management and I believe success is based on building long-term sustainable partnerships and collaborations both locally and Internationally.

As a Changemaker, I am actively involved in advising ,mentoring and encouraging young disadvantaged people and am a Judge and Mentor for TECHNOVATION.

I am a founding trustee member for RESUME Foundation aimed at supporting ex-offenders, marginalised and disadvantaged groups to resume work.

As the Director and License holder for TEDxLeicester I organised the only TEDx event in a UK Prison in 2017, recognised and featured in the Economist.

Social innovation with purpose.

Beowulf is a consultancy that supports social innovation driven by purpose.

We are building collaborative public platforms that are verifiable and community driven health and education programs. We provide due diligence, research and business development on projects that are focused on sustainable social impact, and through our technology arm, we provide AI and Blockchain solutions, proof of concept (POC) and minimum viable products ( MVP) for projects.

Our guiding principles are based on the some of the UN’s Sustainable Goals and our vision is to provide real solutions to address inequalities in health and education and provide financial inclusion through the application of emerging technology and working collaboratively with global experts to deliver high quality service to our global community. We want to build resilient sustainable communities for the next five years and beyond.

We are working with global partners who share the same vision and goals and create opportunities to plan, develop, and shape best practices through open collaborations, value-driven supply chains and research projects to test, modify and apply new products and solutions.

We have just launched our AI and Blockchain technology capability arm called BeyondIdentity.AI and our collaborative platform BIBA.org ( British Indian Blockchain Association) to create a community that works together to focus on Tech for Good projects internationally.

Social Innovation


SOARING performances of songs from “Cats” and “Les Misérables” are unusual fare for a prison. But on May 3rd an inmate at Leicester prison brought an audience to their feet with his renditions. The recital was part of a TEDx conference, a popular lecture series that had never before been held in a British jail.

California-based ObEN came to the Bradfield Centre this week, brandishing its innovative avatar – PAI – and looking to invest up to $1million in pilot projects applying personalised AI technology in digital healthcare innovations.

30 years medical innovation & strategic partnership, Siddhi Trivedi of Proof Work is a winner of the Digital A Woman Award 2017. Her firm, is using blockchain to explore a breakthrough in patient care. based in UK, Proof Work is calling it's work a part of Internet of Medical Things.


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